1. This article though

    Call me an asshole. 


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  3. You see..

    I do not wear shorts and heels in 32 degree weather because I am a skank but rather because I am a fearless Spartan and I make the cold weather my bitch as opposed to the reverse. Valid mistake on your part however. <3

  4. Anonymous asked: I was all set to be sorted to Hufflepuff but then the pottermore hat was all "SLYTHERIN" and I don't know how to handle it.


    tbh I feel like Hufflepuff and Slytherin are not that different, they both are driven and focused, they just have different opinions on how to go about achieving their goals

    like if you were to categorize Harry Potter houses into Kanye West songs, Hufflepuff would be the Stronger to Slytherin’s Gold Digger

    Yes. This.

  5. I’m stoopid tho

    When someone recognizes their own ignorance and asks for your help in alleviating it, you would be wise to try to put aside your bitterness momentarily. Berating them for their ignorance is of no use. Being rude or mean will make them less inclined to want to learn more. It is especially stupid to be rude or mean when you are representing any group of people. I think that one dude was kinda being a bit assholeish. But it takes one to know one I guess. I’m an asshole because I don’t always root for the underdog. I’m an asshole because I sometimes defend men and white people. I’m also a speshul cunting snowflake. Guess I’ll just go herpity derp derp over her nao.

  6. Go ahead and hate men

    That’s ok silly little feminazi. Go ahead and hate men. Cuz I love them enough to make up for all your ignorant, selfish, hypocritical hate. I love men. They’re tall and warm and smell fucking delicious. And they feel so very good. So you just sit there stewing in your little corner and I’ll just go and fuck all the terrible pigs who have wronged you ever so. <3 <3 <3

  7. Leave them alone!

    Leave the vegans alone! please! You’re lucky they even perform for you bastards! Leave them alone! 

  8. 2013

    So the big events:

    Going to college and then leaving and then going back and not knowing what the hell to do with myself.

    On the one hand 2013 butt fucked me without lube regarding the fact that I started the year having four cats and ended the year with only 2. Scout was sickly and it was his time to go even though I still miss the little guy. Losing my little girl was the worst thing that happened all year. I have no closure. I still hold out hope that one day she will come home.

    On the other hand my life became so much better in 2013 due to the fact that my niece was born. She is so perfect and I love her so much. She is the first grandchild. I love her so much. She will always be special.

    So yeah. 2014 is gonna be bad ass. Imma be twice the boss ass bitch I was last year. “But Kristen!” you say, “That’s not possible!” Well mothafuckas, I gotta try. Bottoms the fuck up for 2014.

  9. OH! The thing about Frozen and Elsa…

    During “Let It Go” she was too sassy in the sort of cliche, cheesy, Disney way. It would have been better if it had remained more genuine and honest. Elsa didn’t really have that sassy aspect to her in the rest of the movie. It would have been better to stay with the “I’m free now” vibe as opposed to the “I’m totes like gonna be a badass nao” thing. The way they did it would have worked better if she had become wicked in the movie but she didn’t. 

  10. I’ll just go fuck myself I guess

    I care about these issues. I do. But my opinion is different than that of the people with whom I can discuss these issues. I don’t want to be treated like I’m ignorant or naive or not getting it just because I see things differently. The issues are complicated. As a result there are many different sides to them. There really isn’t a right or wrong. Hate to break it to you. Look at what you are doing. Are you really making any progress? If not then maybe you need to re-examine some things. I truly believe that making an enemy out of anyone is not productive. Pointing fingers and playing the blame game will only do so much good if any at good at all. We ALL (no seriously, ALL of us) can afford to make changes. We all have our prejudices. Your justify yours and yet blame others for theirs? That is called hypocrisy. But what the fuck do I know right?